Waiting for the Shooting Star

“Are you ready to order something?” Asked a waiter dressed in black. “Not yet.  Actually, I’m waiting for someone.” Albie replied with a faint smile. The waiter nodded and moved to another table and repeated the question.
Albie glanced at his fastrack, it was only half past four. He double checked on his phone kept on the table. 4:30, the digital clock on his lock screen said. They had agreed to meet at four thirty. Any moment now! He contemplated.
It had started to rain outside, but he could not hear the sound of the rain, only the melodies of Yanni. ‘The Mermaid’ from the Greek composer’s album ‘Reflections of passion’ was going on. This place always played nice music, romantic mostly. Perhaps one of the reasons why it was one among the top hang out places for youngsters in the city. The place had such surreal ambiance, overhead lanterns hung all over the place, their shapes resembling the paper lanterns that are floated into the night sky.  Albie glanced over at the table to his rig…

The Girl From The Reunion

Eddie took a small pause from jogging to tie the lace of his Nike. Dressed in a sweaty T-shirt and a pair of gym shorts, he continued on through the park and the bridge. It was just another mundane Monday morning. Slightly warm with cold wind brushing against his face. He could see the sun slowly peeking out of hiding. The road was empty except for the occasional appearance of the newspaper boys and the milkmen. Eddie always found jogging in the morning quite refreshing. It gave him time to ponder over matters of life. About her, about them. She had changed his life in ways unimagined, becoming his inspiration in almost everything.  Eddie ascended the stairs to the house he and six of his friends had rented just 500m from his college.  Everyone was only waking up. Last night football match ended very late.  But there was Fezil, up early watching highlights. He never watched these late night matches, the only one among them to do so. He would then watch the highlights and go to the coll…

Double Bell

With a shudder, the engine came to a stop. Alex let out a sigh, seated by the window on the right side four rows from the back. The bus had been stuck in traffic jam for almost fifteen minutes owing to the reconstruction of the road. But when a bus driver decides to kill the engine that is like all hopes are lost and they are going to be there for a while. If there was any way the bus could still have been moving, it would have been right now. Their attitude of ‘we don’t care if we loose some paint or if there is a dent’ always gave them an edge.
 Alex found it ironical that the when he was on a bus he used to enjoy those things which he otherwise criticized. Like how they carved their way through traffic. And when the bus driver who does all that decides to kill the engines, there really couldn’t be any way out.
The wind blew chilly, the warm rays of the sun hit his face and the road was still wet from the early morning rain. If it were any consolation, there wasn’t going to be any d…